Why MIT?


Cutting-edge technology integrated by MIT into teaching, learning, and administrative processes, complementing the state-of-the-art technology-based curriculum of BIT.


Endless opportunities to set trends for pioneering innovative ideas and practices, leveraging MIT's early-stage system.


Platforms to showcase and groom exceptional skills and abilities through involvement in CA conducted/ planned by MIT in diverse fields.


Deserving acknowledgment at MIT for an individual's thoughtful ideas, initiations, and recommendations for the mutual growth of the student and the College.


Expanding your educational horizons beyond Nepal through MIT with exposure to the American education system in Nepal and a seamless transition to continue further studies abroad with a four-year international degree.


In-house incubation center in MIT to transform vour innovative ideas into practical and profitable business ventures, complementing the globally inspired transformative curriculum of BBA and MBA.


An inclusive environment at MIT for sharing and celebrating national and international culture through scholarships ensured for different backgrounds and student exchange programs with IAU.


The dedicated team of MIT to mold the MITian's future to stand out in the local community, equipping them with the confidence and skills to thrive in the global community.


Assessment-based evaluation and grading system of MIT's curriculum with targets set for appreciating your progress and performance each second beyond the traditional three- hour exam model.


MIT is affiliated with International American University, accredited internationally by 10 institutions as well as the government, and running under the management of the Kathmandu Model College network, a nationally accredited College.


Welcomed to become among the first to experience MIT's extraordinary journey as a novel institution, affiliated with a university that has existed for 17 years, to collectively explore and create a brand-new chapter in history.


The most affordable investment for your education in the national market is to enroll in a foreign degree offered by MIT making the international system of education accessible to all.